Ken Morales, the owner of American Sign & Design, has over 25 years of sign and tradeshow experience. 

After he graduated from Western Illinois University with a BA in Graphic Design.  He was hired as a screen printer at ASI Sign Systems in Chicago,  where he also worked in the graphic department on the vinyl cutters and then worked in the assembly department, where he learned to work with routers, metal sheers and learned the ins and outs of installation.

After 5 years in Chicago he moved to the Phoenix, Arizona area where he was introduced to the digital age of the sign and tradeshow industry at GES Exposition Services.  He worked at GES for over 7 years before moving to Peoria, Illinois.

Since moving to Peoria, Ken has worked with different sign shops in the area where he honed his trade and decided to venture off on his own. Now he has launched his own company ...... American Sign & Design. ​

What Ken believes sets American Sign & Design apart from the other sign companies in the area are

these 5 simple facts.

Experience, Accommodating, 5-Day turn arounds, Free Delivery, and Affordability.

First…..Experience…Ken has over 20 years in the sign and tradeshow business.  Starting in Chicago as a screen printer, then designer, builder and installer of architectural signage, then moving to Phoenix and joining a tradeshow producing company and learning the large format digital printing part of the industry. That combined with a few other sign companies in the Peoria area, I learned the ins and outs of production, pricing and networking.

Second….Accommodating…. may be the most important.  Be accommodating.  If the client wants something on a Saturday or in the evening, we will do our best to make sure we hit that dead line.  Yes there will be times that the client is asking for too much, but we will do what we can to accommodate what they need.

Third… 5-day turn around….This goes right along with the second; it is a 5 day turn around.  Except for some big electrical signs or dimensional letter, we will hit a five-day turnaround 99% of the time.  Usually we will get something done in less time but we like to ask for 5 days because of weather, scheduling or ordering of materials.

​Fourth…Free Delivery…We will deliver for free the signs that they need to any where in the Peoria area.

Fifth… Affordable… Because of our very low overhead, we feel our prices are very affordable.  In addition, if they are more than the competition, and they rarely are, that is because we will deliver them to your door on time and in good quality.

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